Precision Agriculture Solution

 Integrated solution for agriculture and farming with technological capabilities with improved agricultural practices to make crop and live stock more profitable efficient & safe.

Farm Management Solution


Integrated business solution to improve efficiency, Drive Productivity & increase revenue. System covers the entire process of agriculture Industry. It improves management and scheduling of key components like seeding, irrigation, fertilizing, harvesting and sale of produce.


Field Data Acquisition

Seamless and easy to process eliminates error in data Acquisition accurate on-time payment to labours Reduce cost,time and resources.


Access Data From Anywhere


Access Data from Anywhere Take Smarter business Decision Real-time Data access to determine productivity, monitor sales, track field attendance, analyse and measure employee performance.

Integrates Your Daily Activities

  • Job Analysis
  • Harvesting Summary
  • Crop & yield
  • Annual Bonus/PF/Incentive
  • Labour Identification


Software Integration

We integrate soil-mapping, crop sensor, drone, irrigation tools  through a series of API communication to provide enhanced insights and user experience.


Sensor-Based Smart Irrigation System

The system is embedded with a soil moisture & temperature sensor and based on these parameters’ farmers are advised about optimum irrigation using a mobile app. Apart from improving irrigation efficiency and reducing cost, it highly reduced the risk associated with waterborne diseases. Generally, waterborne diseases can damage up to 60 – 70% of the whole crop size impacting the farmer's profits.


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