• When the semester starts the student is expected to load some cash on the Card. This is done by placing the student card on the reader
  • The student then uses the card for all cash transactions within the campus
  • Every time the cash goes below the designated level the student is advised to re-load the card with cash
  • All fee payments are made with this card
  • All fines are also paid using this card. The card is blocked in case the student has some pending charges


  • Identification
  • Access Control
  • Library Management
  • Personal Information & Attendance Monitoring
  • Electronic Wallet - Fee / Fine Payment, Canteen Management

System component[s]

  • Check-in & check-out kiosks / counters
  • RFID book label
  • RFID card
  • Gate Reader Antenna (Anti-Theft Control)
  • Software
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